Quality X-Ray Protection product under trademark
1 Years Warranty under the following conditions.

1. Warranty period applies from the day of purchase until specified based on the model.
2. The Company will cover any reparation fees only if the defects occurred from the production materials, this does not applies to the misuse, accidents, scratches, chemicals, incorrect caring process (such as folding), modifications, and falling from height.
3. This Warranty does not cover the damage caused by Third-Party misuse or lost.
4. In case of damage under the warranty period, the customers can directly contact the company and show the Warranty Card issued by ACOVIC for further contact.
5. In case of damage caused outside of the Warranty condition or the Warranty period has ended, customer can contact the company for the service under the usual fees.
6. Reparation Period and Claim period of the product is 7-20 Days.
7. There will be no replacement product during the reparation period.

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